Hello, my name is Donna Morris, I am 45 years old.  II have been happily married to Phil for 23 years, we have a 11 year old daughter named Emma.  

My hobbies include; baking, arts and crafts, sewing, swimming and family outings. 

I have been involved with charity events over the years and volunteered helping the homeless.  I am a great believer in helping the community and those less fortunate.  My husband and I have helped feed the homeless at the Ecumenical Centre on Christmas Day.  My daughter bakes cakes and sells them for charity, her total now stands at £1,107.  My husband and I have raised enough money to provide new coats and pjs for 10 children in a Romanian Orphanage at Christmas time. 

As a family we love to travel and have been to many countries including Australia, Africa, America, Asia and all over Europe. 

I believe that every child is special and that they all deserve to be cared for in a safe, healthy, secure and loving environment. I want every parent to feel happy in the knowledge that while they are working their precious little ones have been left in such an environment where they can continue to develop and grow into happy, contented and confident individuals. I provide a caring and fun environment for your child.